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Hello I am working on a project that requires analysis of Hebrew characters.

I have a case like so

letter = case

         when (a[0] == "1") && (a[1] == "2"): "He ה"

p letter 

=> "He ה"

I want to also print the Hebrew character from Unicode hex number (for He 05D4), like so:

letter = case
         when (a[0] == "1") && (a[1] == "2"): "\05D4 He ה" 

p letter 

Desired output => "ה He ה"
Actual output => "\005D4 He ה"

Ruby 1.8.8. $KCODE = "u" is set above code.

What do I need to do? I have tried a few different things to no avail (e.g., ['05D5'.hex].pack("C") ) => error char out of range

Thanks in advance.

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The only problem is your debugging code. Kernel#p writes object.inspect, and that tries perhaps a bit too hard to show you internal structure.

Just use a real I/O method like puts and I think you will be fine.

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Thanks. I used puts and now the output is "D4 He ה" . Aargh. – netefficacy Jan 15 '11 at 21:23

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