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I need some tips in how can I disable shortcut keys in Linux (Ubuntu), while running an application. I need simple application, which when is started all the shortcut keys are disabled, including ctrl+c,ctrl+v,alt+tab, etc. I need Java implementation. After exiting the application, everything should be normal again. Any help will be useful, also and some simple code :)


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no one wants to lose control while running your application. Every game that sucks prevents alt+tab. – Thomas Jungblut Jan 15 '11 at 18:59

Java is a cross-platform environment, so it avoids any system-specific libraries. However, you can use JNI to call program in C or anything else, that will actually set hooks.

But note, that it really sucks, if the user cannot use Alt-Tab.

UPD. There's a question on SO, that describes hot to better grab keystrokes in X.

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