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I spent an hour or more trying to decode this:

<?php eval(stripslashes(gzinflate(base64_decode("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")))); ?>

I want to add Google Analytics to the website but I don't have </head> because of this code. Any idea what is going on?

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An hour? Were you doing it by hand? What did you try? –  Greg Hewgill Jan 15 '11 at 20:19

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Take the string, base64 decode it, then gzinflate it and strip the slashes.

Which is pretty much everything within the eval() function already. So, instead of eval, write it out to a file.

Make the changes you need, add slashes where needed (?), gzip it and base64 encode the result. Replace the above string with the end result.

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could you please more precise –  Krzysztof Jan 15 '11 at 20:39
@Krzysztof - What don't you understand? The PHP functions in the line you posted pretty much decode the string already. Instead of using evel on the result, print it out or something, make your changes and recreate a new string running the reverse functions in the reverse order. –  Oded Jan 15 '11 at 20:41
@Krzysztof - Then there is more going on than you posted. Have you checked to see what the code is? Are there includes? Function calls that add the code you are looking for? –  Oded Jan 15 '11 at 21:06
@Krzysztof - Comments are not a good place to post code. Edit your question and add the additional detail to it, or better yet, start a new question with this snippet and ask for help with it. –  Oded Jan 15 '11 at 21:21
Could just change the eval to echo and PHP will happily spit out the exact code that's obfuscated inside that string. –  Marc B Jan 16 '11 at 2:24

If i misunderstood, base64 encoded string isn't valid. Can you check here : http://www.motobit.com/util/base64-decoder-encoder.asp

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And here's the code that powered that:

file_put_contents('temp.txt', stripslashes(gzinflate(base64_decode("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"))));
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