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I have been searching for this since about a month now, and it is beginning to drive me crazy!

What I want is:

  • A mobile device
  • At least 2 buttons as an input
  • An LCD or any other display of any size as an output
  • It should be programmable, in any way, may it be assembler, C or BASIC.

(I would be already happy if you could display Hello World with the device on a button press, or draw a line, or even play a homebrew tetris)

As you can see from the list, my requirements from the device are quite low. I'd be happy with something like a pocket computer from the 80's.

I have looked into programmable (graphing) calculators, but the problem is that they're just so expensive for what I'm trying to do. I really can't afford something like them.

  • Do you have any idea if there is a device like this for sale somewhere?

Thanks in advance!

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What you might require is PIC-GSM DEVELOPMENT BOARD some thing like

this link text

Or something more straight forward but could possible be use in a mobile form

a picaxe see @ www.rev-ed.co.uk picaxe/

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