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    backgroundColor: "#DADFE6",
    childViews: 'labLabel labMembersLabel'.w(),

      layout:{top: 0, left: 0, width: 100, height: 100},
      value: "LABORATORY",
      fieldLabel: "LAB",
      backgroundColor: "white"


      layout: {top: 100, left: 0, width: 100, height: 100},
      value: "LAB MEMBERS"

Neither labLabel our LabMembersLabel appears... What am I missing?

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ScrollView is a special view, in that it does not use the childViews array, but instead expects to have a single view 'contentView' as you can see here:

With this view, it will always monitor the height/width, and automatically, add scroll bars if the contentView gets too big. Scroll Views are usually used to hold listView's which can get very long.{
    contentBinding: 'App.myContentArrayController'

What you want todo is to is something like:{
    layout: {...},
    childViews: 'labLabel labMembersLabel'.w(),

    labLabel:{ ... }),

    labMembersLabel:{ ... })

If the contentView is not a ListView (or another view that controls it's own layout), it is important to provide a layout, otherwise the ScrollView will not be effective.

PS. As a side note, this is not how to use a SC.SourceListGroupView. These are only for use to set as an 'exampleView' on a SC.SourceListView.

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the ScrollView has one standard child the contentView which then can have more views, see for a solution

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