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I'm returning this response from my server:

callback({"City": "Miami", "State": "FL", "Street": "9th Street", "Name": "Big 12", "Zip": "65201", "Lat": -48.219999999999999, "Telephone": "5732168906", "Long": 32.0, "Events": "[{\"End Time\": \"2011-01-22 23:36:31\", \"Name\": \"Margaritas\", \"Start Time\": \"2011-01-22 15:36:31\"}, {\"End Time\": \"2011-01-22 19:36:39\", \"Name\": \"Dollar Bottles\", \"Start Time\": \"2011-01-22 15:36:39\"}, {\"End Time\": \"2011-01-23 23:36:31\", \"Name\": \"All You Can Drink\", \"Start Time\": \"2011-01-23 15:36:31\"}]"})

Here is where I'm attempting to parse the response and display it within my "tonight-list". With data.Events, I get the entire array of dictionaries displayed on screen.

function callback(data){
    $("#tonight-list").append("<li role='option' tabindex='0' class='ui-li ui-li-static ui-btn-up-c'>Starts:" + 
    data.Events  + 

However, I cannot figure out how to access each element (Start Time, End Time, Name, etc.). When I try data.Events[0], it gives me just the first character from data.Events.

How do I access each dictionary key in the array of Events? I just cannot figure out the syntax - it would be nice if I could see all the options on this object type. Thanks for the help in advance!

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Make the Events in the JSON response a real array instead of a string, then you can use it like this:

var obj = JSON.parse(reponseText);
var event = obj.Events[0];
alert(event["End Time"]); // hurray

JSON response

  "City": "Miami",
  "State": "FL",
  "Street": "9th Street",
  "Name": "Big 12",
  "Zip": "65201",
  "Lat": -48.219999999999999,
  "Telephone": "5732168906",
  "Long": 32.0,
  "Events": [{
    "End Time": "2011-01-22 23:36:31",
    "Name": "Margaritas",
    "Start Time": "2011-01-22 15:36:31"
    "End Time": "2011-01-22 19:36:39",
    "Name": "Dollar Bottles",
    "Start Time": "2011-01-22 15:36:39"
    "End Time": "2011-01-23 23:36:31",
    "Name": "All You Can Drink",
    "Start Time": "2011-01-23 15:36:31"
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Thanks galambalazs! Changing the first line to var obj = JSON.parse(data.Events); made everything work as needed:) –  user546459 Jan 15 '11 at 23:28

JSON dude! just return valid JSON from your server and use evalJSON. Then you can access each object via their corresponding keys.


basically do,


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I knew I needed something along those lines! Whenever I call data.evalJSON(); it states that object has no evalJSON method. Do I need to be returning something different from my server? content_type='application/javascript; charset=utf-8' is what I'm currently returning. –  user546459 Jan 15 '11 at 23:02
application/json or you can return a text response. Either way you need to get the responseText off of the response object. –  stevebot Jan 15 '11 at 23:05

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