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I followed this tutorial and decided to use Gilead to avoid writing DTO boilerplate.

But with no success yet. I did as tutorial advices:

  1. Made my POJO on server side extend net.sf.gilead.pojo.java5.LightEntity

    public class Attachment extends LightEntity implements Serializable { ... }

  2. Made my server-side service implementation extend net.sf.gilead.gwt.PersistentRemoteService

    public class LoginServiceImpl extends PersistentRemoteService implements LoginService { ...}

  3. Configured beanManager exactly as in tutorial.

When I tried to use server-side class, that extends Gilead's LightEntity, I get error as If there were no Gilead, just restricted server code.

Here are JARs I included to my build path:

alt text

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I gave up on Gilead, I am writing plain DTOs. However, I'll leave this question open, maybe we'll find answer. –  Xorty Jan 22 '11 at 16:51

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change your MusicStoreServiceImpl() to

public MusicStoreServiceImpl() {

PersistentBeanManager persistentBeanManager = new PersistentBeanManager();
StatelessProxyStore sps = new StatelessProxyStore();
sps.setProxySerializer(new GwtProxySerialization());


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