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I have ControlA which accepts an IInterfaceB which has a property of type List<unknownType>

In an event of ControlA i need to add a new instance of unknownType to the List in IInterfaceB...

unknownType needs specific properties so i immediately thought it could be an interface, but quickly realised interfaces cannot be instantiated...

How would you design this system?

EDIT the current inheritance chain looks like this:

topLevelClass -> baseObject -> IBaseObject (which is implemented in topLevelClass)

so if i added a new class to the chain it would need to do the inheriting and implementing which would be impossible (afaik)

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If I'm interpreting this correctly, you could add a constraint on unknownType to be of some interface that contains the properties you need:

class ControlA
    void Frob<T>(IInterfaceB<T> something) where T : IHasSomeProperties, new()
        something.ListOfT.Add(new T() { SomeProperty = 5 });
        something.ListOfT.Add(new T() { SomeProperty = 14 });
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Would a restriction on the type work?

List<T> where T : IInterface
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Your specification isn't specific enough to answer well, but try putting constraints on T.

public interface IInterfaceB<T>
    where T : new()
    List<T> Whatever { get; }

This allows you to do this:

T iDoNotCare = new T();
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Why does List have to be an unknowntype? Why can't it be a real class, the has the real properties you need with a constructor for you to instantiate? If you need to extend that class, you can then inherit from it. Based on the information you're providing, if all you need is a few properties in the class that goes into this List, then a good old class should do the trick.

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