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I am currently dumping all my logging into Log4Net text files, and they are difficult to read. Is there a nice log4net processor (preferably a class I can add to my ASP.NET app, so that I can view logs remotely) that will lay out the log4net dump in a nice, easy to read and search format?

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I've never heard of such thing for log4net, but it sounds like you're wanting something more along the lines of Elmah. – Phill Jan 15 '11 at 23:50
Elah is great example, but it's really for catching and viewing exceptions, not generic log data. – Steve Wrightness Jan 15 '11 at 23:51
Ahhhh I get what you mean now. Yeah can't say I've seen anything like that. – Phill Jan 15 '11 at 23:54

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There is an Apache tool for log4j called Chainsaw which can apparently be used with log4net log files (instructions here).

There is also a commercial tool called Log4Net Dashboard which can also do it.

Neither of these are web-based though.

There was a tool called log4xsl a while ago. If you configured log4net to output XML log files, you could apply the log4xsl XSLT stylesheet to render it nicely in a web browser. The project seems defunct though, but you could try to find it somewhere (here may be a good starting point).

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There is a developer snapshot of Chainsaw with a lot of bug fixes and new features available here: - you can configure it to use a VFSLogFilePatternReceiver to parse and tail regular text files.. – Scott Jan 19 '11 at 22:17

Log2Console can read log files, but you can also use it to monitor "live" events throught .Net Remoting or UDP Appenders. There is also a commercial tool "Log4View" that can to the same.

In your case logging to a database would make the most sense though. You can access it easily remotely and filtering is certainly no problem. Building a ASP.Net page with a data grid would be done very quickly so that you do not need to access the database directly.

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