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I'm creating a custom view with sorting capabilities and has something that almost works, except that once it sorts once the click events to the elements being sorted become unbound, likely as a result of how i remove the elements and re add them sorted.

Is there a better way to do this such that the 'children' keep the bound events?

function sortcontainer(container, sortby)
 var children = container.children();

 children.sort(function (a, b) {
  if (sortby == "datetime")
   if (!$(a).attr("starttime"))
    return -1;
   else if (!$(b).attr("starttime"))
    return 1;
   else if (container.data("sessionlist").datetimesort)
    return $(a).attr("starttime") - $(b).attr("starttime");
    return $(b).attr("starttime") - $(a).attr("starttime");

 }); // End sort function


 if (sortby == "datetime")
  container.data('sessionlist').datetimesort = !container.data('sessionlist').datetimesort;
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If you are using jQuery then you will want to define you click events using the live syntax. What live does is bind the event for all current and future events matching the selector.

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Refer to this post previously asked: jQuery + Sortable + live (specially the answer with method-refresh)

This would give you some pointers.

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It sounds like you're binding directly to the elements in container. Instead, I would use the delegate method (http://api.jquery.com/delegate/) to bind the events once to the container element. That way, the event will not be affected by moving or adding/removing of elements that are children of container.

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