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I have database with a table called sites (which has a few fields, including a site_ID field), and a set of tables for each site_ID entry from the sites table.

so the db looks something like:

- sites [site_ID, blah]
- site_1_articles [title, content]
- site_1_comments [author, comment]
- site_2_articles [title, content]
- site_2_comments [author, comment]
- site_3_articles [title, content]
- site_3_comments [author, comment]

I have a select query which pulls out all the fields from the sites table:

WHERE ....

How can I also get the title field from the appropriate site_[site_ID]_articles table ? I thinking I need this in the same query using JOIN because the number of tables is quite large (over 1000), and doing 1000 selects is probably not the way to do this :)

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Be more specific, post the actual column and table names you are working with and which column you need – James Jan 16 '11 at 4:41
sorry, I'll rewrite the question – Alex Jan 16 '11 at 4:45
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No, you cannot reference tables dynamically (unless using a stored proc to create prepared statements)

You should design your database, to hole a single site_articles table, which will store a site_id column, then in your query:

FROM sites s JOIN site_articles sa ON s.site_id = sa.site_id
WHERE ....
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but wouldn't this make the table very large? One site can have hundreds of articles, and if you have like 2000 sites you get a huge amount of records for one table – Alex Jan 16 '11 at 22:25
@alex If you index it properly, and use partitioning if needed, it wont be a problem – The Scrum Meister Jan 17 '11 at 0:16

You can join on multiple conditions, or add it to the WHERE clause

ON (blah = boo) AND (some_id = matching_field_in_second_table)


WHERE (some_id = matching_field_in_second_table)
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SELECT blah, some_id, second_table.some_field FROM first_table
LEFT JOIN second_table
ON second_table.some_field = some_id
WHERE ....

Is that what you wany?

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The best is to redesign your database. a table articles with a id column as primary key and a table comments with an article_id column. Then you join on that.

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