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The --removed and --follow switches seem to be incompatible so I can get either deletions or copy / renames.

I also want to find the source of the rename or copy.

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That --removed doesn't work with --follow seems like a bug. You get file copies using:

hg --verbose -C -f <file>

or use a custom template using {file_copies}:

hg log --template "changeset: {node|short}\nuser: {author}\ndate: {date|rfc822date}\nfile+: {file_adds}\nfilem: {file_mods}\nfile-: {file_dels}\nfilec: {file_copies}\nsummary: {desc|firstline}\n\n" -f file2
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The output shows all files - filec: file1.txt (file1)file2.txt (file2)file4.txt (file4) -- the format of file (source) is not very robust (e.g. in Windows, parentheses are valid filename characters). –  John Jan 17 '11 at 0:10

You can use a custom template to display and also to format the file-copy messages properly:

hg log --template "{rev}\n{file_copies % '  {file_copy}\n'}\n" --follow <file_name>    

More about custom templates:

hg help -v templates
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