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I am trying to use Jquery Mobile's dialog. On the documetnation, it says that diaglog would be closed if a user clicks any links on a dialog page.


"When any link is clicked within in a dialog, the framework will automatically close the dialog and transition to the requested page, just as if the dialog were a normal page. To create a "cancel" button in a dialog, just link to the page that triggered the dialog to open. This pattern of linking to the previous page is also usable in non-JS devices as well."

How do I prevent it?

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It would be better if you described what exactly yu want to acomplish, because loading a page and leaving the dialog open doesn't seem to make sense. Also - do you have progressive enhancement in mind, or not? – naugtur Jan 16 '11 at 14:17
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Don't use an <a> tag, use a <div>

<div id="my_button" data-role="button" data-theme="a">Don't Close</div>

Then you just have to programmatically attach some actions to the clicking of that div

$('#my_button').live('click', function({
    // do something
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If you add a function to onclick, that will override the default behavior. Just leave href="#" in the tag, put the function like onclick="myFunction()" and you should be good.

Then in the function you can do the close with this: $('.ui-dialog').dialog('close')

Or you can obviously navigate to another page with: $.mobile.changePage('#page')

I'm sure you've moved on by now, but hopefully this can help someone else looking for this solution.

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wom's solution is good, but you don't need to change from tag to . You just need to change href like href="#" as Mar said. I have test like this, it works fine.

And if still can't prevent default action, add e.preventDefault() on button's click handler.

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