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I've made a little script to convert titles into url friendly things.


'I am a title'



My script basically goes through and turns spaces, apostrophes, commas etc etc into an underscore.

The problem is, sometimes my url's end up like this:


with a trailing underscore...

So i figure, add a little bit to go through and search to see if the last character is an underscore on the final result, and if it is, then swap it.

I looked into the strrchr() function but I seem to be hitting a wall of my own understanding.

How is this sort of thing accomplished?

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You probably want to use the trim() command on the string before you process it. trim() removes whitespace (and other characters you specify) on the beginning and end of a string. –  Reese Moore Jan 16 '11 at 7:42

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PHP's trim() function will do what you need it to, on both sides of the string:

$slug = trim($slug, '_');

You could even run this before changing special characters to underscores if you wanted to, as the function can handle trimming multiple different characters off.

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Once you have performed your cleaning up, you can simply use this code to remove trailing underscore:

$mystr = rtrim($text, '_');
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$without_starting_or_ending_underscores = trim($original, '_');

If you only want to remove trailing ones, use rtrim() instead.

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Check out rtrim.

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Something like this,


rtrim will remove specified chars from the end of you string. http://php.net/manual/en/function.trim.php


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