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How can I structure/design my web application such that I can reuse code for AJAX/Inline edits. I use MVC (Zend Framework). There are parts that already facilitate reusability

  • Views/Layouts - I can disable layout (the "page template" containing <html><head> & stuff) just serving the view partial for that action for use in AJAX dialogs
  • But for Inline edits, I need to serve smaller parts, just the textbox. Furthermore, I need a special action to handle the request (eg. updateName() instead of updateUser())?

What is the way of designing my app to maximize re usability?

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check ZF documentation about contextSwitch, to get specialized views (and actions) for xml/json partial html content. – regilero Jan 16 '11 at 10:57
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You need to use the contextSwitcher. A quick example

// In side your controller class
public function init()
    // Obtain the contextSwitcher
    $ajaxContext = $this->_helper->getHelper('AjaxContext');

    // Add two new contexts, remove which will be JSON and view which will be HTML
    $ajaxContext->addActionContext('remove', 'json')
    ->addActionContext('view', 'html');

    // Init the context

You then need to define the two actions remove and view

remove is going to return all the view variables in a JSON encoded array which your javascript can parse and use, you therefore do not need a view script. An action using a context like JSON or HTML will automatically have its layout disabled.

public function removeAction()
     // Do some operations here for removing data, and I'll assume you assign the outcome to $success

          $this->view->message = "Success";
          $this->view->message = "There was a problem removing your data";

You would access the remove action by using a URL like /index/remove/format/json - without the format json the request will fail.

Your HTML action view will need a view script, here is the action

public function viewAction()
     // Load something from the database and assign to $data
     $this->view->name = $data['name']

Your view script will be called view.ajax.phtml this will contain your output for the view action, you would access the view action on URL like index/view/format/html.

The view script may look like this

<h1>Hello <?=$this-escape($this->name)?></h1>
<p>Welcome to my site. This was obtained via an AJAX request.</p>

Remember to read the docs on the contextSwitcher as I may have missed something.

I hope that helps.

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