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Is it possible to make start-transcript log just the commands and not the results?

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No, this is not possible now. Here is the suggestion for the version next: add Start-Transcript filters

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Alternatively override Function:prompt and add a line that gets history command of the last command that was run, eg (H -count 1).CommandLine. Because Prompt is run after the previous command completes it should be possible to get only the latest command, and dump it out to a file. –  dwarfsoft Jul 14 '14 at 6:21

This was a powershell.com tip of the day recently:

When you run Start-Transcript, PowerShell will document all console input and output in a file. To remove all output and create a file with your PowerShell commands only, you should use this piece of code:

$path = "$home\Documents\allcommands.txt"

dir $home\Documents\*transc* |
    ForEach-Object { Get-Content $_.FullName  } |
        ForEach-Object { if ($_ -match '^PS.*?>') {
    } |
        Where-Object { $_ } |
            Out-File $path

Invoke-Item $path
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