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There is a necessity to turn part of EAR (namely - war) into OSGI bundle and retain it's interoperability. Glassfish 3.0.1 already has osgi-web-container module and I succeeded to deploy standalone OSGI war.

But in case of of ex-enterprise war it looks a bit difficult to me.

  1. What do I do with EJB calls from inside future OSGI war? Is it enough to replace @EJB injections with true JNDI lookups?
  2. What about APIs and libraries shared across EAR? I could split and rearrange them, but still I will have at least one jar needed by both EAR and OSGI war. Duplicate, make it as OSGI-bundle itself and make it available to ear somehow, place it GF domain's library path?
  3. Any other ideas, advices which could make that hybrid working?
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Here are a few things to try out:

  • No need to replace @EJB by JNDI lookup. Your @EJB will continue to work even inside your OSGi War (aka WAB).
  • You can install the shared library as a bundle, then it will be visible to both OSGi war as well as legacy EAR/WAR.

I suggest you follow up in GlassFish forum.

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Thanks alot! Will try. I believe you're the same Sahoo owning the ? If yes I'd vote up your answer ten times if I could :) And here is small question: is your reply applicable to GF 3.0.1 or it implies using 3.1 builds? I'd like to stick to official 3.0.1 release if possible. – Osw Jan 17 '11 at 11:13
Yes, I am the same bad guy unfortunately. What I said is applicable to 3.0.1 as well, although I will highly recommend upgrading to 3.1 when it comes out very soon, because I have fixed a number of issues in osgi-web-container in 3.1 release. – Sahoo Feb 1 '11 at 6:26

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