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I'm making a ajax call using jQuery

I'm making use of the following options

    var str = "ids:";
    $("#sortable2 li").each(function(){
       if($(this).attr("id") != ""){
        str = str+$(this).attr("id")+"|";

    $("#loader").addClass("loader").html("Update Successful...");

My problem is I have an unordered list with id="sortable2"

I need to get all the id's of the list items and pass them via the ajax calls aswell

<ul id="sortable2">
<li id="1">...</li>
<li id="2">...</li>
<li id="3">...</li>
<li id="5">...</li>
<li id="7">...</li>
<li id="87">...</li>

I tried to do this in the before function, but not sure how to pass them together with the values in the data option?

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The easiest way would be to modify the scope of str so it would be visible in 'data'=>{here}. Just declare it before calling sending function.

'data'=>'js:{group_id:$("#UserGroup_groups").val(),user_id:1, ids: str}',

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