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I am currently looking at JBoss Transactions and would like to hear about the experiences of others. I myself want something small, with few dependencies, few gotchas and follows standards...

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You might like to explore JPA(use EclipseLink or Hibernate to implement) in Glassfish or JBoss. It will give you best of both worlds Transaction and Relation Data mapping.

I hope I understood your query properly.

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I don't think this was the question. He's looking for a JTA implementation. Hibernate/JPA builds on top of JTA, they don't implement it themselves. – skaffman Jan 16 '11 at 13:16
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After some research looking around i have come across two packages which i believe are a possible solution for me:

  • jboss tm
  • jotm from objectweb

Currently i like JOTM simply because it is more document complete and easier to follow. I know that jboss-tm works as it provides the jta implementation used by the jboss a/sm but as someone getting started to integrate a jta implementation, jotm seems like the winner simply because its easier to get into.

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