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I have a Table which Contains items and its prices and those prices some in Dollars and the rest in pounds and the items are divided into sections

and I want to use a modified Sum function in the Crystal Report so as to show at the end of each group the total in pounds

like that in C#

int price=0;
foreach (item it in items)
    if (it.curr=="$")
 { price+=it.price*DollarPrice }
return price;

That's exactly what i want to do in crystal reports but i dont have any clue how to do so

So if you have any Idea please help me,



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You could try to do that using the report's formula editor.

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I did Sum all the records by the formula editor but i could not multiply the price of a specific record by the dollar's price –  Baharanji Jan 16 '11 at 13:31

First of all, the next recomendation assumes you have a column in your datatable called Curr which stores the kind of currency. You have to make a new formula in the Formula Field of your CR and put something like this:

if {DataTableItem.curr} = '$' then

And you put this Formula in your Details Section.

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