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I have 2 tables:

User (UserID, UserName)

Books (BookID, BookName)

Each user can hold many books, each book can be hold by many users.

so there is a link table:

UserBook (PFK UserID, PFK BookID).

I've generated a Model using EF4, and I can see the association in the Model, but I can't see User.UserBook, nor Book.UserBook. and no UserBook object as well.

how can I query this table ? add items ? etc... ?

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User has Books collection, Books has User Collection, Missed that. Idea came through :

this article

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Yep, EF doesn't need to map the join table if it contains only the FK's. It's smart enough to do an implicit join behind the scenes. – RPM1984 Jan 17 '11 at 2:47

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