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Firstly i know that the documentation provided by Facebook says that fb:multi-friend-selector can be used in pair with fb:request-form and that it could only sends inviations or requests.

I have more specific need and that is not only to make invitations/requests but also along with the previous to post something on selected friends walls. I've tried everything but i cant take the id's selected from the fb:multi-friend-selector, so i'm unable to make this posts.

The doucmentation for fb:multi-friend-selector says: This interface includes a series of which are included for selected users in the form that gets submitted to your action URL.

Is it somehow possible to catch this id's? I'm working on my app in C# .net.

I read in some of the previous posts that is treating problematics similar to mine that is impossible to do this, but i found application that works perfectly in way that i want to make my application.

Thanks in advance, Ivan

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You can access the selected friend's id in the page that you are providing in "action" of fb:request-form.I am working with PHP so i am able to get those selected friend's id as $_REQUEST['ids'].So try some equivalent methods in c# for this.And if you get the friend's id you can publish to their wall.

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Thanks Damodaran it finally works, i'm using Request.QueryString.GetValues to take the values, but it is only possible if the method is GET, and i think that doesn't make any difference. – ivan_jovan Jan 19 '11 at 16:24

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