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Making another appearance this year at MAX was Alchemy, Adobe's C/C++-to-AVM2-bytecode compiler. It seems like really interesting stuff -- I haven't yet had time to really dig in and try it out myself, but I can definitely imagine putting it to good use. Wondering whether any of you've had a chance to have a look at it yet, and if so, what kinds of things you've tried, how they've gone, what your opinions are, and the like. Thanks!

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I have played a bit with Alchemy; tried to port swfmill to AS3.

My project stalled because I would really need a good compression library...after all I cannot drag a library along with my C code ;)

Also, I found out that it is, at this stage, more reliable to read your files from Flex then pass their content to the C code than trying to read them in your C code itself.

I have an example of how I do this on my blog.

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link to said blog? –  Max Dohme Mar 10 '11 at 23:54

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