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What is used for BDD and TDD with node.js?

I'm used to use Cucumber + RSpec. What's a good combo for node.js?


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Mocha gets my vote now!

You could have a look at the testing modules section from the node.js modules page. For example Vows is a pretty popular BDD framework.

Vows is a behavior driven development framework for Node.js.

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Mocha's bdd interface gets pretty close to RSpec, but it still lacks the lazy let/subject niceties. I created a separate interface for mocha called lazy-bdd that has these additions: npmjs.com/package/mocha-lazy-bdd –  ghempton Dec 30 '14 at 2:27

Check out mocha - (github)

Also mocha-cakes, my attempt for Cucumber syntax on mocha.

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Thanks for mentioning mocha-cakes! Very cool :) –  Joseph Weissman Jan 27 '13 at 16:54

If you are used to rspec, Jasmine is pretty nice. I've not used it on Node.js, but I have used it for testing a backbone app. It's syntax is very similar to rspec. Taken from the site above:

describe("Jasmine", function() {
  it("makes testing JavaScript awesome!", function() {

It's listed in the link provided by Alfred above, but since folks listed Vows as an example, I figured I'd give Jasmine a bump, especially since it's syntactically similar to rspec ;)

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That would be jasmine-node github.com/mhevery/jasmine-node –  Julien Bérubé Jul 17 '13 at 2:01

There is the 'Vows' project for BDD on Node http://vowsjs.org, looks pretty nice. It's a bit different from RSpec/Cucumber, but it's pretty fun

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Maybe a little later, but what you're looking for is Kyuri: https://github.com/nodejitsu/kyuri

"kyuri is a node.js Cucumber implementation with a few extra asynchronous keywords. it supports 160+ languages and exports to VowsJS stubs"

Also, nodejitsu seems to have built a web app for managing a project Kyuri feature specs in a collaborative way, it's named "prenup", I would give it a look.

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You could also try yadda. It plugs into other test libraries including mocha, jasmine, casper & webdriver, but also lets you write proper feature files instead of merely annotating you tests in situ. A typical test might look like...

var Yadda = require('yadda');

feature('./features/bottles.feature', function(feature) {

   var library = require('./bottles-library');
   var yadda = new Yadda.Yadda(library);

   scenarios(feature.scenarios, function(scenario, done) {
      yadda.yadda(scenario.steps, done);

And the feature file...

Feature: Mocha Asynchronous Example

Scenario: A bottle falls from the wall

Given 100 green bottles are standing on the wall
when 1 green bottle accidentally falls
then there are 99 green bottles standing on the wall

And output...

Mocha Asynchronous Example
✓ A bottle falls from the wall 

1 passing (12ms)
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Check out Buster.JS. Created by Christian Johansen, who literally wrote the book on javascript testing.

Buster supports both TDD and BDD. It does browser testing with browser automation (think JsTestDriver), QUnit style static HTML page testing, testing in headless browsers (PhantomJS, jsdom), and more.

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Package a (bdd and mocking) https://npmjs.org/package/a

Very compact syntax, context separated from acts, chainable acts. Easy Cmd line runner that searches recursively.

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Unit tests: Mocha is great for unit tests.

BDD tests If you want a BDD test framework for Node.js then I'd recommend the Cucumber package.

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