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I'm working on an AS3 Flash only facebook app - and I'm confused about how to download the users picture when a vanity url is not in use.

Once authorized - i'm able to access the basic information fine first_name, last_name (not profile pic tho).. but I do recieve the link which can come in 2 forms

1.with vanity url ie.

2. without vanityurl ie.

when 1. is in effect, I can access the remote profile picture fine via..

service.url = ""+nickname+"?fields=picture";

but I don't know how to for case 2 - anyone seen this before?


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I believe the ID and vanity name are interchangeable.

is the same as

Note: You may also be able to just use if you're just looking for profile pictures.

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After a question mark you have to use the ampersand (&) for other variables.

service.url = ""+id+"&fields=picture";

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