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I have syntax highlighting on a docbook using a custom language highlighter based on the c++ example.

How can I use different styles for the same highlighter type?

for instance:

<highlighter type="keywords">






<highlighter type="keywords">




the second load of keywords should highlight with the style 'class' but how do I define and test for this non-default style?

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Your question is not clear. We don't know if you are talking about DocBook vocabulary, a DocBook Editor, a conversion stylesheet from DocBook to other format. Plus, your answer is an XSLT rule matching an xslthl:class wich is not present into your input sample. This won't help anybody else. – user357812 Jan 17 '11 at 15:15
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 <xsl:template match='xslthl:class' mode="xslthl">
 <b style="color: green"><xsl:apply-templates/></b>

the 'mode' attribute seems vital

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