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I have a form which accepts URL params (to support a bookmarklet) which looks and works like this:

<%= f.url_field :url, :value => params[:u] %>

However, when re-rendered (in case of a validation error, for instance, the content is stripped out.

What I'd like to do is put something like this, so that :value => is only rendered if there are params in the first place:

<%= f.url_field :url, :value => params[:u] if params[:u] %>

Of course this doesn't even render the field and is wrong.

How do I add if/unless conditionals into an ERB block? Endless searching hasn't turned up much, but I'm probably searching for the wrong thing.

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Try This...

<%= f.url_field :url, :value => (params[:u] if params[:u]) %>
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Oddly this works for text_area but not for any field (still blanks them). –  innonate Jan 17 '11 at 14:56
I believe the best method would be to use the Controller to define params. –  halfcube Jan 26 '11 at 10:04

(I misread your question. Probably not the answer...)

Try this in your view

<%= f.url_field @url %>

and in your controller put

@url = Url.new(params[:u])

That way, you'll have a form with the fields filled unless params is nil.

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For a one-liner, try:

<%= f.url_field :url, :value => (params[:u] || 'any_other_value_or_just_nil') %>
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Farnoy's answer was very close, but more specifically it was:

<%= f.url_field :url, :value => (params[:u] || @resource[:url]) %>

As @resource was the model object.

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