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I have a function that geo-tags items using Google Maps API based on basic address information like City, State, Country, etc.

However - it would be REALLY Useful to give a reference point so that Google will first look for the address near a point that I define- similar to a "Locate XYZ Street, San Francisco, CA, near 78.34561, -24.56678". (Note: these aren't real Lat/Long values...)

I.E. - this would help increase the Geo-Tag map precision for items with partial Address information.

IS THIS POSSIBLE with Google Maps API ver.2?

It seems possible in Google Maps - the "Search Nearby" function.

I can paste code here, but it's long.

THANK YOU! I'm really stuck finding out about this, but it seems like an interesting possibility...


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Look at Viewport biasing in v2, or upgrade to v3 and use that version. v2 is deprecated, and in v3 you don't need an api key - it's a good transition to do. :-)

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