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I have in my Windows Phone app several images that are binded to uri's this causes the UI threa to get blocked when all the images are downloaded. I cant create a bitmapImage instance on a different thread because I would get an "Invalid cross thread operation" exeption.

I tried downloading the image using a WebClient but there is no constructor that accepts a stream for BitmapImage.

Any thought as to how I can accomplish downloading images in the background?



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Can you give an exmaple of the method you are using to download and bind? –  Dan Sewell Jan 16 '11 at 20:32

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In order to use a Stream to provide the content for a BitmapImage you create an instance using the default constructor then call SetSource passing the stream:-

  var bi = new BitmapImage();

However I think you may be re-inventing the wheel here. Take a look the link below:-

Keep a low profile (LowProfileImageLoader helps the Windows Phone 7 UI thread stay responsive by loading images in the background

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Thanks man! that did the trick... –  Amit Jan 16 '11 at 20:56

You're still on the UI thread using WebClient. If you continue with that approach, you can also consider HttpWebRequest. Here's a working sample including resolution for the invalid cross-thread access exception.

WebClient, HttpWebRequest and the UI Thread on Windows Phone 7

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