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I have a folder. I want to put every file in this folder into an array and afterwards I want to echo them all in an foreach loop.
What's the best way to do this?

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Scandir is what you're looking for

$dir    = '/tmp';
$files1 = scandir($dir);


Or use combination of opendir and readdir

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I think this is better than readdir, even if it is only PHP 5. +1 because of example. – Donovan Jan 16 '11 at 20:29

Doesn't get much easier than this

Don't forget to filter out hidden and parent directories (they start with a dot) on linux.

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An Alternative:

define('PATH', 'files/');

$filesArray = array();
$filesArray = glob(PATH . '*', GLOB_ONLYDIR);

This method allow you to specify/filter a by file type. E.G.,

define('PATH', 'files/');
define('FILE_TYPE', '.jpg');

$filesArray = array();
$filesArray = glob(PATH . '*' . FILE_TYPE, GLOB_ONLYDIR);

You can also get the FULL path name to the file by removing the parameter 'GLOB_ONLYDIR'

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This works for files and folders in subfolders too. Return list of folders and list of files with their path.

    $dir = __DIR__; //work only for this current dir
    function listFolderContent($dir,$path=''){
        $r = array();
        $list = scandir($dir);
        foreach ($list as $item) {
            if($item!='.' && $item!='..'){
                    $r['files'][] = $path.$item;
                    $r['folders'][] = $path.$item;
                    $sub = listFolderContent($path.$item,$path.$item.'/');
                    if(isset($sub['files']) && count($sub['files'])>0)
                        $r['files'] = isset ($r['files'])?array_merge ($r['files'], $sub['files']):$sub['files'];
                    if(isset($sub['folders']) && count($sub['folders'])>0)
                        $r['folders'] = array_merge ($r['folders'], $sub['folders']);
        return $r;
    $list = listFolderContent($dir);
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Edit: dwich answer is better. I will leave this just for information.



if ($handle = opendir('/path/to/dir')) {
    echo "Directory handle: $handle\n";
    echo "Files:\n";

    while (false !== ($file = readdir($handle))) {
        echo "$file\n";


Hope this helps.

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