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How can I use Mollom Gem with a Rails 3 application?
I have installed the gem via: sudo gem install 'mollom'
I have the following entry in the Gemfile: gem 'mollom'
In the controller I have wrote: require 'mollom'
But this line in the controller is giving the following error: "no such file to load -- mollom"

If I delete that line from the controller, then I have this error: uninitialized constant PostController::Mollom when trying to use

Any ideas how to fix it would be great. I already have the keys from Mollom and everything works well on irb.

Thank you.

Best regards,

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Ok, found the solution. I was too stupid to add the require '...' in the controller. Instead, add:
require 'rubygems' and
require 'mollom'
in the application.rb file.
In the documentation here: there is a mistake, at least when I used it with Rails 3. You need to replace: m.check_captcha with m.valid_captcha?

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Here is a detailed example:… – Tony George Jan 23 '11 at 7:44

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