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Is there a way in clojure to get a function's code after the function has been loaded?

Ie. without doing something like [untested]

(defmacro blat [x] `(do (def code ~(quote (mexpand-all x)))
(blat (defn func [abc] (...)))
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You can get the source of a symbol using the clojure.repl/source function. However, this only works if the var for which the symbol resolves to is in a .clj file on the classpath. You can't, for example, do this:

user=> (defn foo [x] x)
user=> (require 'clojure.repl)
user=> (clojure.repl/source foo)
Source not found
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hmm. (mexpand-all (read-string (source-fn 'foo))) is about what I want – Ellery Newcomer Jan 16 '11 at 23:26

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