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For a geometry library I'm writing I want to support multiplication of vectors by scalars, easy enough to do for vector * scalar by just defining the Vector#* method. However to support scalar * vector all the Fixnum#*, Bignum#* and Float#* methods have to be monkey-patched. I'm using the following code for each of these classes to accomplish that:

class Fixnum
  old_times = instance_method(:'*')

  define_method(:'*') do |other|
    case other
    when Geom3d::Vector * other.dx, self * other.dy, self *

class Bignum

class Float

I'm wondering if there's any better way to accomplish this, or if there are any potential problems with doing this?

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Take a look at Ruby's coerce feature.

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See also "In Ruby, how does coerce actually work?" – Phrogz Jan 17 '11 at 0:34

You want #coerce

something like

class Geom3d::Vector
    def coerce(right_hand_side)

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