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I would like the for loop (animation) below to get repeated until the selected item's left value is equal to the leftLock variable. Right now, if you click on one of the navigation items, they rotate once (45°) and stop. (It's probably helpful to check the online demo to see it in action.)

Online demo: http://goo.gl/8rDTr

I put the for loop in another for loop and let it run 8 times but when I check the selected items left position by using console.log($(this).css('left')), it always shows me the original left value - it doesn't get updated even though the item has moved to a new position.

I appreciate all help, even if someone can tell me that the implementation of this is way more complicated than I think. :( Unfortunately I couldn't find any solution by reading many other questions posted here and searching on Google.

It's easy to get the item's position after the animation if you slide a box from left to right since one can use jQuery's callback function but when I try to do the same on my example, I get too many values. Thanks!

Edit1: I put the animation loop in another loop and checking the selected items current position but its 8 x the same starting value - it doesn't change over the duration of the animation. (new lines are marked bold)

Edit2: I think I moved a step forward because I still get 8 x the same value but then, it shows me the new position of the selected item (also 8x) etc. Example: "79.1333px 79.1333px 79.1333px 79.1333px 79.1333px 79.1333px 79.1333px 79.05px 48px 48px 48px 48px 48px 48px 48px 48px 78.7167px 79.0167px 79.0167px 79.0167px 79.0167px 79.0167px 79.0167px 79.05px"

So I need to somehow filter every 8th value and check the items position by using if else condition. Does it make sense? :P

var menu_items = Array("#box_8", "#box_7", "#box_6", "#box_5", "#box_4", "#box_3", "#box_2", "#box_1");
var menuLength = menu_items.length;
var angleDiff  = 360 / menuLength;
var fin = 0;
var leftLock = "260px";

$('a.box').click(function() { $(this).addClass('selected'); for (var a=0; a < 8; a++) { var startAngle = 180 + fin * angleDiff; var endAngle = 225 + fin * angleDiff; fin++; for (var i=0; i < menu_items.length; i++) { startAngle += angleDiff; endAngle += angleDiff; $(menu_items[i]).animate({ path: new $.path.arc({ center: [154, 154], radius: 106, start: startAngle, end: endAngle, dir: 1 }), opacity: '1' },400, animFinished); }; }; function animFinished() { console.log($('.selected').css('left')); } });

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Not really other than I wanted it to look a bit cleaned up. Here you go: grafoman.com.tr/temp_menu/index.html - Btw, I'm still after a solution for my problem and do you think that I have to check the element's position by using setTimeout/setInterval? –  Bay Jan 17 '11 at 1:10
leftLock, that's the position of #box_3 yes? you want to loop the animation till this point ? –  Gregory Machon Jan 17 '11 at 9:49
Yeah, exactly that! I'm still working on it but I'm not able to check the clicked items current position while its beeing animated. For example, I get 8 times the starting position. –  Bay Jan 17 '11 at 10:31
Noone an idea? I'm slowly wondering if there is a bug in the plugin. –  Bay Jan 19 '11 at 14:02

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you can place a global variable and then when user clicks on the wheel you can count the clicks up t the number which ois the required destination.

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Excuse me if I misunderstood you but do you mean something like: If e.g. the clicked item is #8 (which would require to move 8 times until its at the required destination) make the loop run 8 times? In case you mean this, it would work but what if the user clicks on another item? I mean the items will have changed positions, so if the user clicks on #7 next, the loop will run 7 times even it needs to run only once because its next to #8. - The main problem for my headache seems to be that I animate 8 items simultenously. It would be much easier if it was a box moving from left to right. :) –  Bay Jan 17 '11 at 11:13

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