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In the DataMapper documentation for associations I found an example where they put a model into a model like...

 1 class Person
 3   class Link
 5     include DataMapper::Resource
 7     storage_names[:default] = 'people_links'
 9     # the person who is following someone
10     belongs_to :follower, 'Person', :key => true
12     # the person who is followed by someone
13     belongs_to :followed, 'Person', :key => true
15   end
17   include DataMapper::Resource
19   property :id,   Serial
20   property :name, String, :required => true
21   ...

Does it have any influence on the result you get back or is it just another notation or format?

Thanks in advance, rufus

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No, it doesn't have any influence on the result.

If you put your models in a namespace it will reflect in storage names though. That's why in the example above you see "storage_names[:default] = 'people_links'" in Link model, because that model is inside Person namespace, which is reflected in "people_links" table name.

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Thanks for your quick answer! –  rufus Jan 17 '11 at 20:54

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