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I am trying a basic microbenchmark comparison of c with ocaml. I have heard that for the fibonacci program, c and ocaml are about the same, but I can't replicate those results. I compile the c code with gcc -O3 fib.c -o c-code, and compile the OCaml code with ocamlopt -o ocaml-code I am timing by using time ./c-code and time ./ocaml-code. Every time I do this OCaml takes 0.10 seconds whereas the c code is about .03 seconds each time. Besides the fact that this is a naive benchmark, is there a way to make ocaml faster? Can anyone see what the times on their computers are?


#include <stdio.h>

int fibonacci(int n)
    return n<3 ? 1 : fibonacci(n-1) + fibonacci(n-2);

int main(void)
    printf("%d", fibonacci(34));
    return 0;


let rec fibonacci n = if n < 3 then 1 else fibonacci(n-1) + fibonacci(n-2);;
print_int(fibonacci 34);;
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Have you looked at this very similar question ? It includes detailed bench results for ocaml, and links to test code. – huitseeker Jan 17 '11 at 1:32
Yes I Have looked at that. I ran the C code which was about .05 seconds whereas the ocaml code is .15 seconds. – LTigger Jan 17 '11 at 2:18

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The ML version already beats the C version when compiled with gcc -O2, which I think is a pretty decent job. Looking at the assembly generated by gcc -O3, it looks like gcc is doing some aggressive inlining and loop unrolling. To make the code faster, I think you would have to rewrite the code, but you should focus on higher level abstraction instead.

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I think this is just an overhead to ocaml, it would be more relevant to compare with a larger program.

You can use the -S option to produce assembly output, along with -verbose to see how ocaml calls external applications (gcc). Additionally, using the -p option and running your application through gprof will help determine if this is an overhead from ocaml, or something you can actually improve.


For my computer I get the following,

ocaml - 0.035 (std-dev=0.02; 10 trials)  
    c - 0.027 (std-dev=0.03; 10 trials)  
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