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I am not too fond of any of the default syntax highlighting themes that come with MonoDevelop. I have been trying to find a Vibrant Ink implementation (or really anything) but I have not found anything through Google. Are there any good resources for finding pre-rolled themes for MonoDevelop?

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I came across a blog today that had a syntax highlighting color scheme:


I sadly don't know any resources for themes.

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I Use MonoDev Aswell. If You Are Looking For Somthing To Highlight User Defined Vars, Good Luck I Am Still Looking Aswell.

With That Said Go To:

Tools > Options > Text Editor > Syntax Highlighting 

Here Lays Your Default Themes. You Can Adjust Each One Or Create Your Own.

Hope This Helps.

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As of 2013, you are able to import syntax themes from two formats:

  • the native monodevelop/xamarin studio json files
  • the visual studio vssettings files

While you can find syntax themes in json (like zenburn), the definitive place is studiostyles that will let you download tons of themes in vssettings format.

Once you have downloaded the vsettings file, just go

Tools > Options > Text Editor > Syntax Highlighting 

And click on the Add button, selecting which format you want to import: Color Schemes (json) or Visual Studio .NET settings (vssettings)

Et voila!


Note: it seems that the old xml format is no longer supported

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