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please could someone help with the following:

I have 3 related tables

Users (id, name, network_id, application_id) Networks (id, name, application_id) Applications (id, name)

A network will have a default application selected (from the list of applications with app_id and name as fields). A user can select the network as well as an application they wish to use (from list of applications).

I have created the models, controllers and views and and all the dropdowns appear fine and allow me to select a value BUT how would I set the default value of the Users>application dropdown to that of the corresponding Networks>application_id?

any help would be appreciated.

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Server-side, i.e. in Cake try adding the selected parameter, viz:

echo $form->select(string $fieldName, array $options, mixed $selected, array $attributes, boolean $showEmpty)

Where $selected is the value of the default option.

Client-side, you'll have to use javascript.

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You should never use select(), or text(), or radio() etc. it's terrible practice. You should use input()

echo $form->input('', array('type'=>'select', 'label'=>'', 'options'=>$discipline, 'default'=>8));

Where type present the select box, option requires array for list of dropdown and default value would be of index 8

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echo $form->input('', array('type'=>'select', 'label'=>'', 'options'=>$option_list, 'value'=>7));

Here 7 is your key value in $option_list.

Try it...

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I have fetched value in variable $equipData['unit']. The code below works for me:

echo $this->Form->input('unit_id',array('label' => false,'selected'=>$equipData['unit'],'options'=> $op_arr));
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