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Dear All, I am a newbiew to Android. I had read a lot of articles about Android Service but I am not clearly understanding what defferent between Local Service and Remote Service (except for "Local Service run in the same process as the lunching activity; remote services run in their own process" - The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development - Mark L. Murphy ).

  1. Please shows me what different between Local Service and Remote Service.
  2. What's the advantage/disadvantage of using Local Service.
  3. What's the advantage/disadvantage of using Remote Service.

Thanks & best regards Dai Son

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Your description is exactly the difference between a local and remote service. There's nothing more to say. You will almost never want to use a remote service.

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Dear Falmarri, Thanks for your helpful answer!. –  Nguyen Dai Son Jan 17 '11 at 5:53
Thank you for providing a clear/concise answer! I've been trawling the internet for this as it's a significant design decision and I've seen tutorials on IPC/AIDL for android remote services but it isn't obvious why you'd adopt it. With your answer I believe it now appears that these remote services are only useful if you plan on having multiple applications query a common background 'service' otherwise it's best to have the service as a local one and use threading for the time consuming tasks... please correct me if my understanding is incorrect as I'm about to start coding :) –  sradforth May 18 '11 at 20:23
@sradforth: these remote services are only useful if you plan on having multiple applications query a common background 'service' This is one of the use cases for a remote service. The other one is if your service needs to be started and stopped a lot or run continuously in the background (bad!), but your whole application takes a lot of ram, you can run the service remotely so your process memory maps are separated. I know the urbanairship push service uses this. But honestly I think it's very, very, very rarely the "best" design. –  Falmarri Sep 24 '11 at 17:20
@Falmarri i have a Local service( extending Service class), and i bind my activities to the service. but when i execute any DB or HTTP operation i get an policy violation(Running a code which detects that violations), why it happens if i runnig that inside of my service. how do i place those operation on a non-UI Thread?. –  AlexSanchez Mar 21 '13 at 0:59

The difference between remote service and local service is: Local service runs in the same process and remote service runs in different process and may be in different application.

You can access a remote service which is running in the different application but you can't access a local service that is running in a different application.

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Local service means it runs in the same process probably in the same application. You can start a service using the method startService() and you can stop the service by using the method stopService(). These two life cycle methods or Service And remote service are generally run in a different application. you can access them by writing AIDL Interfaces and you can attach to a remote service by using binder.

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