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I would like to make videos like www.commoncraft.com . They are pretty amazing for how simple they are...They accurately show what the company or service does. They did Google Doc's Videos and a lot of other companies videos. How would I create these. I know flash but what else and what skills would I need to have to accomplish making these?

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If you have Adobe CS you have all necessary software. not skills but some steps:

  • find idea for the video.
  • doodling/sketching on the paper all screens of you future video.
  • recreate previous step on the computer (it fast to draw using something like wacom bamboo).
  • you will need some software for audio recording (Audacity free and easy to use).

mostly people stuck on the first two steps.

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Most people probably go nuts while trying to complete the first step ;) –  weltraumpirat Jan 17 '11 at 12:12

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