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I save a long string of unicode format in a file. How can I read the data from the file into CComBSTR?


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Take a look at this example taken from here:

OLECHAR* str = OLESTR("ta ta");  // wide char string of length 5
CComBSTR bstr2(wcslen(str));     // unintialized BSTR of length 5
wcscpy(bstr2.m_str, str);        // copy wide char string to BSTR
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Thansks, I also have a problem reading the unicode data from the file into str. My file contains onlt one string (very long string), in unicode. How can I read it into str? Thanks –  Erez Jan 17 '11 at 6:51

BSTR strings use UTF-16 for their character encoding. If the file data also uses UTF-16, then just read the file data as-is into the BSTR memory directly, eg:

CComBSTR bstr(fileSize / 2);
ReadFile(..., bstr.m_str, fileSize, ...);

However, if the file is using a different character encoding, then call MultiByteToWideChar() to calculate the necessary length to allocate the BSTR memory, then call MultiByteToWideChar() a second time to decode the file data into the BSTR memory, eg:

int bstrLen = MultiByteToWideChar(fileDataCodepage, 0, fileData, fileSize, NULL, 0);
CComBSTR bstr(bstrLen);
MultiByteToWideChar(fileDataCodepage, 0, fileData, fileSize, bstr.m_str, bstrLen);
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