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 var  changeUrl={
                'getDomain' : function(url){


the above is a code part structure. but i don't understand it well and don't know each line's aim. expect someone can explain it for me. thank you.

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That's a object literal which defines an object with members: baseUrl, getDomain and InitWebLink. Object's members can be accessed using dot-notation, or array-notation: object.member, object["member"], so calling changeUrl.InitWebLink(); you're involving a method of the object.

If you declare an object using literal then every member can be treated as public, static in traditional class-based OOP.

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In JavaScript, every object acts like a dictionary.

in the code given changeUrl is initialized with 3 members:

  • baseUrl - unknown type
  • getDomain and InitWebLink are both methods (function() declaration)

The code follows JavaScript Object Notation

References : JSON (MSDN) and JSON (Wikipedia)

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changeUrl.InitWebLink(); //what's this line mean? thank you –  runeveryday Jan 17 '11 at 6:58
it is a call to a method named InitWebLink(). –  decyclone Jan 17 '11 at 9:40

It's a definition of an object. changeUrl is an object with several member fields and member functions (methods). baseUrl is a field, while getDomain(url) and InitWebLink() are methods which are implemented in place.

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