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When i try to compile my program i get this

error: [tmp/moc/debug_shared/moc_window.cpp] Error 1

I have a class called Window. when I comment the Q_OBJECT line it compiles, but I can't use any slots.

class Window : public QWidget {
public slots:
  void update();

I have QT 4.7 installed.

Any Idea why it doesn't compile when I uncomment the Q_OBJECT line? Thanks for any help.

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Oh I forgot to write that my class Window is a subclass of QWidget –  Mustafa Jan 17 '11 at 7:11
Please post the whole error message, not just the last line. –  kalev Jan 17 '11 at 8:50

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You have a slot so you must have the Q_OBJECT macro, after adding this do a clean build. And in case of an error, post the whole error log not the last line.

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maybe something is wrong with Moc paths... make sure that you have write rights in folder you use for moc-ing qt headers. ( tmp/moc/debug_shared/ ). And I don't know this extractly for linux, but on windows directory where you generating moc files must exist.

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