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How can I use multiple file extensions within one group using OpenFileDialog? I have Filter = "BMP|*.bmp|GIF|*.gif|JPG|*.jpg|PNG|*.png|TIFF|*.tiff" and I want to create groups so JPG are *.jpg and *.jpeg, TIFF are *.tif and *.tiff and also 'All graphic types'? How can I do that?

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Filter = "BMP|*.bmp|GIF|*.gif|JPG|*.jpg;*.jpeg|PNG|*.png|TIFF|*.tif;*.tiff"

Then do another round of copy/paste of all the extensions (joined together with ; as above) for "All graphics types":

Filter = "BMP|*.bmp|GIF|*.gif|JPG|*.jpg;*.jpeg|PNG|*.png|TIFF|*.tif;*.tiff|"
       + "All Graphics Types|*.bmp;*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.png;*.tif;*.tiff"
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Ah, I was trying with , and it didn't work... Thanks :) –  Ichibann Jan 17 '11 at 7:28
Sure, glad it helped :) –  Mehrdad Jan 17 '11 at 7:29

This is from MSDN sample:

(*.bmp, *.jpg)|*.bmp;*.jpg

So for your case

openFileDialog1.Filter = "JPG (*.jpg,*.jpeg)|*.jpg;*.jpeg|TIFF (*.tif,*.tiff)|*.tif;*.tiff"
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