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I use asn1 module in erlang to decode. The output is like


How can I output XML instead of erlang term?

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Keep in mind that any erlang term (not specific to the asn.1 module) could be output as XML easily by a function like this:

to_xml(X) when is_atom(X) ->
    "<atom>" ++ atom_to_list(X) ++ "</atom>"; % might want apostrophes
to_xml(X) when is_integer(X) ->
    "<integer>" ++ io_lib:format("~p", [X]) ++ "</integer>";
to_xml(X) when is_tuple(X) ->
    "<tuple size=" ++ tuple_size(X) ++ ">" ++ % or maybe want size implicit
        lists:foldr(fun(E, L) -> to_xml(E) ++ L end, [], tuple_to_list(X))
        ++ "</tuple>";
to_xml(X) when is_list(X) ->
    "<list>" ++ lists:foldr(fun(E, L) -> to_xml(E) ++ L end, [], X) ++ "</list>";
% etc...
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Thanks your answer. I wrote a function like this but using record name for xml tag. For example "{'PLMN-Identity',[2,2,6],[0,1]}" ==> "<PLMN-Identity><value>2,2,6</value><value>0,1</value></PLMN-Identity>". Now I am trying to replace "<value></value>" with record field name. – shian Jan 18 '11 at 2:51

Perhaps two available option for you for converting ASN1 to XML representation:

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