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I'm building a new Silverlight app for a photography studio. I was about to say "you have to have a Windows-based server hosting it" and then I thought, wait is that right? Looks like it's not. So I could point him toward a Linux host.

I know you have to register the MIME types (from a different SO thread). Are there any other caveats or gotchas that I need to know about? Assume for a second that I know next to nothing about Linux.

Edit: what if the app needs to talk to a database (mySQL)? Seems like I'd need to have Moonlight to get that going, which isn't gonna fly.

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The only thing you have to do is ensure the web server delivers the correct MIME type for the .xap (which is application/x-silverlight-app). That's it.

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There is nothing blocking you to host a Silverlight app(Client Plug-in) in any webserver on any platform.

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What if they won't let me register a new mime type? Seems like a problem. – jcollum Jan 22 '09 at 22:59
Yeah but that is not a Silverlight problem right :), Any client side plug-in have that and you really need to add an appropriate MIME type. – Jobi Joy Jan 22 '09 at 23:03
Fair enough. It goes on my list of questions to ask if I ever host on a Linux server. Which so far is one question. – jcollum Jan 22 '09 at 23:05

Silverlight is client technology. There is nothign (but MIME types) that are required to host on non-MS servers. But if you have server-side code (e.g. web services or REST API's talking to your mySQL db), that server-side technology would need to work on Linux. That's completely separate from Silverlight. You might want to do the server stuff with Java or PHP (or other Linux-friendly platform) but Silverlight doesn't care what it talks to and can be served in a non-MS platform easily.

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Regarding your edit (on mysql) -- no you would not need Moonlight (as that is client only as well). You'd need to expose your database functionality through a service layer of sorts as Shawn notes.

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