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How can I push a mutable pair onto a stack such that i'm only creating one stack. I have some code that works but creates lists within lists within lists.... Here is what I believe should work but throws an error.

(define func (arg1 arg2 arg3) // Where arg3 is an empty list
    (mappend (mcons arg1 arg2) arg3))

The above code complains and says: "mcar: expects argument of type ; given ... Can anyone show me how I can get a result that looks like so,: (list (arg1 arg2) (arg# arg#) ...)

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Can you provide some examples of inputs and desired corresponding outputs? – Gintautas Miliauskas Jan 17 '11 at 9:50
Certainly, for example: I want to store and append pairs into one list. (mappend (mcons 3 4) (mcons 4 5) empty) should result in (list (list 3 4) (list 4 5)) or that is what I would like. – Romelus Jan 17 '11 at 9:54
Your input/output is not clear. Call your function "f" or whatever and show the call and the desired output for a couple of cases. Edit this into your question above. Like (f 3 4 '()) ==> ((3 . 4)) for example. – eljenso Jan 17 '11 at 10:34
(mcons (mcons arg1 arg2) arg3)

or (your question is not very clear)

(cons (list 'a 'b) '())

Also, the syntax in your question doesn't make any sense. It should be something like

(define func (lambda (arg1 arg2 arg3)
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I have tried that and it works but the issue is the shape of the result is not what I am looking for. For example with the given code you provided the result could look like this:(mcons (mcons 42 147) (mcons (mcons 48 69). These are lists in lists, where i would like to just append each mcons into a larger (single) mcons. – Romelus Jan 17 '11 at 9:47

I think the function you want is:

  (define (f a b c)
    (mlist (mlist a b) c))

This produces the following result:

  > (f 3 4 (mlist 4 5))
  {{3 4} {4 5}}
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