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We created a PDF/a-1b file and after checking it with preflight it didn't satisfy the requirements.

The problem is that we have embedded fonts that have zero charwidth.

How can we fix a document which has embedded fonts with zero characters that have zero width to make it pdf/a-1b compatible?

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Recreate the PDF/A-1 file with a tool that actually complies with the standard.

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iTextSharp, PDF/AManager (pdftron) were tested but do not make it pdf/a-1b compatible. Which tools do you suggest? or else: which method should be used to make it pdf/a-1b compatible? Most tools don't even create valid pdf/a-1b files when there are fonts with zero-width characters. (or they create an image of it, which is no option in our case) –  juFo Jan 17 '11 at 14:49

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