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Is it possible to make make ADFS to authenticate a user against an ASP.NET Membership database in SQL Server? Alternatively can a .NET C# plug-in be created and installed in ADFS which could provide this "service" to ADFS?

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As far as I know this is not possible. ADFS (v1 and v2) ONLY supports an AD Domain Controller as the Authentication source of users. Other flavors of AD do not work (ADAM/AD LDS).

There are other options that are easier to deploy and give you IP-STS (aka IDP) functionality. For example, our PingFederate product can leverage your SQL Server pretty easily if you are interested.

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No, this is not possible. See this answer of mine for the official documentation at this point, and for an alternative solution involving a custom STS.

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A lot of issues with ADFS can be worked around by federating ADFS with another STS and adding the required functionality to the STS.

StarterSTS is a good example of an STS that authenticates against an instance of a SQL Server aspnetdb database.

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