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I am needing to query my database to find records that fall between 2 dates (this is simple enough) however I need to refine the search so that it only finds records where the email falls within certain constraints, basically I need to delete any row that falls between 2 dates and has a format of


basically I need to look for email address that start with a letter followed by full stop and have 5 numbers before the @ sign. Is this possible with mySQL and if so how, and if not how could I search for these email address with PHP?

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Exactly 5 number must exist before @ or any other char may exists. Please give any example of such type of email address. –  Gaurav Jan 17 '11 at 10:15

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You need to use regular expressions. MySQL 5.1 supports these: documentation page. This also can be done in PHP using preg_match.

You regurlar expression could look like: [a-zA-Z]\.[a-zA-Z]+[0-9]{5}@.+

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You could also use like, if you find it useful. Example

LIKE '_.__________@______.___'

However, it will not detect numbers. In that case you have to use regex


Regex should be like this: (changed from example above)

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